Rent a Car in Turin and Travel Across Italy

July 28, 2022

Rent a Car in Turin and Travel Across Italy

If you are a road tripper, you can choose a rent a car in Turin to get around the country. You can choose among several different rental car companies. Among the most popular are Avis, Hertz, and Auto Europe. Each offers different features and benefits that will make your trip more enjoyable. Whether you want a cheap rental car in Turin or a luxurious car with all the bells and whistles, we can help you.

Auto Europe

Travel across Italy and visit the top sights of Turin by renting a car from Auto Europe. This international car hire company works with leading car hire providers worldwide and has offices in the city. Turin airport is home to several car hire companies that are located near popular tourist attractions. The rental car company will provide you with your car and pick it up at the airport. If you need a car in Turin, Auto Europe will make the booking process as easy as possible.

rent a car turin

The roads are generally in good condition, though there are a few areas where you'll need to pay to drive. While most Italian highways are tolled, some are not. Regardless, the amount charged depends on the distance travelled and varies by region. If you're driving through the Alps, make sure you carry the necessary equipment with you. You may want to bring your toll device.

Auto Europa

If you're planning a trip to Turin, you'll be happy to know that the city has a highly efficient road system. For instance, you can take Corsa Regina Margherita to head across Turin from west to east or use Corsa Potenza to get to the north and south. Auto Europa also offers discounts for car rentals in Turin.

When you rent a car in Turin, make sure to confirm the credit card you'll use. Most rental car companies keep the deposit on your credit card, so be sure to double-check the limit before you leave. It's best to pay with the credit card of the driver or the one who will be driving the vehicle. If you're travelling on a budget, make sure to specify that you want an automatic car.


If you want to travel across Italy, you'll need a car to get around. Rent a car from Avis in Turin and head into the countryside. They offer a variety of car categories including compact cars, sedans, minivans, SUVs, luxury models, and exotic cars. The company also provides GPS navigation systems for its customers. The duration of the rental depends on the length of your trip.

One of the major challenges to driving in Italy is finding parking. The city is home to many restricted zones, or "ZTL." These areas are not open to all vehicles without a special permit. Driving through a ZTL without permission can result in a large fine, so make sure to have proper documentation before entering the area. To avoid paying this fine, consider parking in a manned lot or garage. These places have attendants that will collect your car keys for you. Although these options may be more expensive, they're worth the hassle.


If you want to see more of Italy, hire a car from Hertz rent a car in Turin, and travel around this beautiful country! Whether you're planning to visit the country's most famous cities or take a more scenic route, you'll want to know the rules of the road before you begin your trip. Driving in Italy has many differences from driving in your own country, including speed limits and traffic laws.

Hertz is one of the largest car rental companies in Italy, but its reputation can be tarnished by its poor reputation. While complaints about Hertz are few, they are often bitter. The company has some franchisee locations and branches that don't do as well as they could and are prone to mismanagement. However, the company has worked to address these problems by introducing Gold Counter services in major cities and airports and offering express service when needed. Increasing their customer service has also reduced complaints about fuel charges and unfair damage.


If you want to explore the beauty of Italy, renting a car from Sixt is a great way to do so. You can choose from different car categories, including compact cars, luxury models, minivans, SUVs, and more. In addition to being affordable, SIXT car rentals in Turin are equipped with GPS and other high-tech features to make your trip a comfortable one.

If you are looking for a reliable car rental company, Sixt TRN Airport is the place to go. Their fleet features vehicles from world-renowned manufacturers, with a service life of no more than six months. These cars are easy to drive and are nearly brand new. Moreover, Sixt also offers many benefits, including loyalty programs. With the SIXT loyalty card, you can avail of benefits such as free additional drivers and car category upgrades. The best part is that Sixt offers discounts on rental cars. If you do not want to use your credit card, you can rent a car without providing one.


There are many ways to get around Italy and find cheap rental cars. The most popular way is to rent a car at an airport. You can drive right away to the city centre or pick a different destination to drop off your rental. Depending on your schedule and the size of the car you rent, one-way rentals are cheaper than round-trip rentals. The cost of renting a car in Italy varies based on the demand, size and optional coverage.

If you plan to drive, make sure you know how to drive in the country. Although Italy isn't as dangerous as other major cities, it is a good idea to be on the lookout for abandoned vehicles and be particularly careful when driving through pedestrian-only piazzas. Also, be aware of the speed limits and pay attention to the road signs when travelling. Taking the time to learn the Italian driving laws before you hit the road is essential, especially if you are renting a car for a long period of time.


When renting a car in Italy, it's important to be aware of local driving laws. You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid EU driving licence to rent a car. You can also use an international driving license, but this is not a requirement. Speed limits vary across the country, ranging from 90 to 130 km/h on motorways and between 30 and 50 km/h in urban areas. In wet weather, speed limits are reduced to 90 km/h or 110 km/h.

When it comes to price, renting a car in Italy is generally cheaper than in other European countries. However, you should bear in mind that tolls are costly - the Bolzano to Milan toll costs 30 Euros, and not all toll stations accept credit cards. When you rent a car in Italy, always consider the location you plan to pick it up. A car rental in Turin may be cheaper than the same-city rental, but make sure you have sufficient funds for the trip.

Sixt rent a car

If you're planning to explore the Italian countryside or want to rent a car for a short trip, SIXT offers an extensive selection of high-end rental cars at affordable rates. You can choose from luxury models, compact cars, minivans, SUVs, and more. You can also rent a car with GPS for driving through the mountains or along the coastline. Sixt also offers several convenient locations throughout Italy.

If you're planning a trip to Turin, Sixt offers a wide variety of vehicles for your needs. The company has several different sizes of vans for rent, including automatic Ford E-350 Clubwagon 12 and 15 passenger vans, manual Volkswagen Touran vans, and Mercedes Viano and Vito Travelliner minivans. A Sixt van can even be equipped with a navigation system so you can get directions easily without wasting your time.

Budget options

There are several Budget options to rent a car in Turing and travel around Italy. The most popular options are compact, mini, and economy cars. Depending on your budget and your itinerary, you may want to choose between a compact car and a full-size car. Budget car rentals are also available with automatic transmissions, so you can choose the type of car that is best for you.

When booking your rental, check the credit card limits of the driver. Some companies require drivers to hold a minimum credit limit of 700 euros to rent a car. However, if you plan to drive long distances, you may want to consider renting a diesel car. Diesel is less expensive than petrol in Italy, so you can save money by driving on cheaper fuel. If you have a non-EU license, make sure to show the IDP as well as your original license when you pick up the rental car.

rent a car turin and travel across italy

Snow chains

Winter tyres and snow chains are a legal requirement in some parts of Italy, but not all. A common winter condition is a snow, which is why it is essential to rent a car equipped with this equipment. The Alps are the highest mountain range in Europe, and roads are generally in good condition. If you plan to travel across the country during winter, however, you will need to ensure that your car has the proper winter equipment. To avoid getting stuck in a snowstorm, rent a car in Turin with snow chains and snow tyres.

Italian law also requires drivers to carry snow chains while driving in winter. It is not uncommon to see signs warning drivers to take chains if the weather is bad, but these are not always compulsory. It's best to confirm beforehand whether your rental includes snow chains before setting off. If not, you may be in for a fine. It is not uncommon to encounter fines of up to 300 Euros for not having the necessary equipment for the winter.


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