SOC Service Providers in India

August 9, 2022

SOC Service providers are responsible for detecting, responding to, and preventing threats. The role of a SOC Service provider is becoming more critical as India becomes a global IT hub. Cyber-attacks can disrupt global infrastructures and put personal data at risk. Therefore, SOC service providers have become essential for organizations of all sizes.



India is working to leverage its demographic dividend and convert it into a skills-based economy. The aging population in India presents unique opportunities for skilled migration, which benefits both the destination and host countries. The country faces three challenges in developing its skills base: expanding public-sector collaboration, increasing women's participation in the workforce, and improving the quality of vocational education. But what exactly does this entail? Let's take a look.

NSDC enables skill development by facilitating industry-led training. The agency also fosters industry connections and develops industry-relevant curricula. Currently, 37 Sector Skill Councils are operational and represent over 600 corporate representatives. This initiative is critical for India's skill development sector. It is essential to collaborate with the industry to ensure that skill development training remains relevant and worthwhile. Its flagship program, Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), provides a comprehensive framework to help employers recognize the value of a skill-based workforce.

Market trends

The demand for SOC-as-a-service in India will grow at a healthy CAGR, generating market revenue of US$ 854.7 million by 2031. The growth of small and medium enterprises is expected to spur demand for SOC-as-a-service in India. Additionally, the rapid growth of digital technology has increased the probability of targeted attacks. SOC-as-a-service vendors are benefiting from the growing demand for cyber security solutions.

In addition to a growing demand for SOC services, there is an increasing trend of enhancing market maturity. Historically, organizations controlled the use of technology by giving customized devices to their employees, configured according to corporate policies. But the trend is changing, with employees now working from their own devices, and private networks are beyond the capabilities of the traditional security mechanisms.


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Topmost SOC Providers Managing Cybersecurity in India

Below are two of the most popular and successful firms in this space. In addition to managing cybersecurity, these firms provide security information and event management services. The Economic Times is available digitally and includes story gifting credits that allow you to share exclusive stories with others.

House SOC and Managed SOC are the topmost soc providers managing cybersecurity in India.

Managed SOC provides comprehensive security and monitoring services that enable organizations to detect, mitigate and respond to threats and incidents. ICSS has considerable experience as a leading SOC service provider in India. Today, India is an IT hub for global organizations, and cyber-attacks are a growing threat to global infrastructures. Cybersecurity experts must analyze scores of threat indicators and determine which threats are the most likely to impact a business.

One of the main reasons for outsourcing security is budget. Hiring cybersecurity staff requires investment in training and ensuring scalability. Outsourcing to MSSPs eliminates many efforts and costs, as MSSPs deliver SOC capabilities to many clients. Not all organizations need cutting-edge security, but just a 24-hour SOC. Managed SOC providers manage cybersecurity for organizations of all sizes, including startups.

In addition to monitoring cybersecurity threats, managed SOC services are essential to maintaining the integrity and availability of an organization's systems. In a controlled environment, SOC operatives combine their expertise with security automation to increase the power of analytics and defend against data breaches and cyber-attacks. However, many organizations do not have the in-house resources to manage SOCs.

If you're considering outsourcing your SOC, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each type. House SOC has a higher success rate, but Managed SOC provides higher quality service and support. Moreover, Managed SOC is less expensive and can be more cost-effective. However, managed SOC is not the only option. Managed SOC services are also available as a service.

The security operations center is a centralized function within an organization that collects data from different sources. Security operations center staffs look for unusual activity and report potential security incidents. Security operations centers typically work around the clock and may be outsourced to a third-party provider. Most security operations centers are 24/7, and the staff is trained to detect, mitigate and respond to cyber incidents.

Depending on the scope of your business and security needs, managed SOC is an affordable way to manage your organization's security. Managed SOC is the most cost-effective option because it is scalable and requires fewer personnel. However, it does have some drawbacks, including the potential for cost overrun.

NTT's Managed Security Services

NTT's Managed Security Services leverage a purpose-built platform to provide comprehensive threat detection and response services. Customers benefit from automatic reporting and tailored notifications, and 24-hour protection. Additional features of these solutions include vulnerability management and security device management. These security services help organizations protect themselves from cyberattacks and data breaches. These services also help protect against malware, ransomware, and other cyber threats.

With a global reach and expertise, NTT Security offers Managed Security Services tailored to meet the needs of international businesses. Its specialized security teams work with international clients and take their knowledge and expertise to the worldwide market. The company offers a range of comprehensive IT solutions and security solutions, including cloud, colocation, and network solutions.

Security providers face a constantly evolving threat landscape. The new malware and other methods of bypassing security measures are continually emerging. NTT understands this dynamic landscape and proactively responds to emerging threats. This approach helps customers improve their overall security posture. In addition to managing security risks, NTT's Managed Security Services in India help organizations protect their data and assets. Whether your business is in the manufacturing, financial, or health care sector, NTT's Managed Security Services can help.

Outsourcing security can be an effective, practical, and affordable option. Using managed security services offers access to skilled resources, ensuring adequate protection against cyberattacks. Managed security service providers are equipped with ready infrastructure, practical tools, and continuous improvement to combat evolving threats.

Besides delivering the full spectrum of managed security services, NTT offers a wide range of security solutions, including firewall, IDS/IPS, next-generation firewall, and vulnerability scanning and remediation management. NTT's Managed Security Services in India are designed to protect an organization's network from external threats. They also offer managed security solutions for network perimeter protection and endpoint and application security.

Tech Mahindra

The cyber-security business is a billion-dollar opportunity for Tech Mahindra, which has entered into a global strategic partnership with CyQureX, a part of the Hinduja Group. The companies will offer cybersecurity solutions to protect data assets in motion, at rest, and at rest. This new partnership is expected to strengthen the two companies' cybersecurity offerings and position them to be the market leaders in the 'zero-trust' environment.

The company is committed to defining new technology trends and integrating these with current processes and systems. Its new paradigm emphasizes continuous business operations and focuses on the latest disruptive technologies, such as artificial intelligence and 5G, to provide its clients with cybersecurity solutions. Tech Mahindra also offers end-to-end strategies and advisory services, informed by its work in emerging technology trends.

With the partnership, Tech Mahindra is expanding its cybersecurity services into new areas, such as banking. It also has an expanded scope in the enterprise risk management (ERM) space and partnered with US-based start-up i2Chain, a blockchain-based cybersecurity application. In addition, Tech Mahindra has deepened its relationship with Cisco, deploying Cisco Digital Network Architecture at its Hyderabad offshore development center.

With the help of UpGuard, Tech Mahindra improved its security posture and implemented an internal security culture. The new security culture empowered the team to tighten its internal processes and introduce new security offerings. The company is one of the topmost cybersecurity service providers in India. So how does it achieve such a high level of compliance?

Apart from providing cybersecurity services, Tech Mahindra also provides business re-engineering services. It has achieved Amazon Web Services Level 1 Managed Security Service Provider status, recognizing the advanced managed security services that help organizations protect their AWS resources around the clock. The MSSP service includes multiple MSSP services with specialized technical skills and operational process requirements. With a comprehensive offering of cybersecurity services, Tech Mahindra is a leading digital transformation and business re-engineering service provider in India.


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